Industrial Reports, Inc.
What Our Clients Are Saying

"The leads have been very strong, consistent. Big bang for the buck."- New England Material Handling Company

"We have landed several projects from your reporting in the last 6 months !"
- Southeastern U.S. Material Handling Company

"This is a great report..."
- National Valve Equipment Company

"We love it!"
- California Industrial Contractor

"Industrial Reports produces the best reports for the least amount of money."
- Multi-State Electrical Contractor, South Carolina (A client for 15 years)

"Very good data - we are dropping other sources of information in favor of yours."
- Regional Manager - National Steel Building Manufacturer

I was able to add a number of Industrial Reports clients to my list of potential suppliers/contractors.
- Capital Projects Engineer- Pet Coke Complex

"We got some good leads, so far (after one month)."
- Industrial Engineer, Georgia

"We used to use (another product); Industrial Reports' information is very early; we like that."
- Rigging Contractor, New Jersey

"Reports are timely; in many cases, I was the first one to reach a contact listed on a report."
- Roofing & Sheet Metal Contractor, Georgia

"We just landed one of this year's biggest projects as a result of one of your leads."
- Multi-Discipline Engineer, North Carolina

"We receive leads from many different sources and Industrial Reports produces the best reports out of all I receive."
- Multi-State General Contractor, Kentucky

"We were just awarded a project we found through your reports."
- Steel Fabricator, Virginia

"Very valuable service; enabled us to make good contacts with the power companies."
- Industrial Contractor, Alabama

"Good contact information."
- Power Equipment Distributor, Maryland

"We're happy with the reports."
- Mechanical Contractor, New Jersey

"A good product; everyone here seems to have gotten something out of it. We've gotten one or two jobs this year."
- Steel Fabricator, North Carolina

"We have 17 signed contracts as a result of using your service."
- Steel Fabricator, Alabama

"Got a nice order from one of your leads the other day. The system works. Thanks!"
- Bridge Crane Manufacturer, Texas

"Just received a $600,000 order based on one of your project reports"
- Process Sheet Metal Fabricator, North Carolina

"Industrial Reports is the best lead service for industrial projects that I have ever seen."
- Multi-State Design-Build Contractor, Kentucky

"I like Industrial Reports; I've gotten business from your service."
- Material Handling Equipment Manufacturer, Wisconsin